Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey — 2nd Edition Now Available!

Learn how Seattle Children’s improved quality, access, and safety, and the improved bottom line using Lean methods.



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Study Trips takes you into the inner workings of a successful Lean organization, in both hospital and manufacturing settings. Learn from advanced Lean practitioners and to reflect on how to apply these principles to your organization can be the key to your successful Lean transformation.

JWA Consulting

Today’s healthcare systems are challenged to deliver higher clinical and service quality and greater reliability. Patients also want safe compassionate care and faster access. All this must be accomplished at the lowest possible cost. JWA Consulting pioneered the application of the Toyota Production System (TPS) to healthcare in 1995 to meet these challenges.

JWA’s focus on Lean healthcare and experience in facilitating change have helped our clients achieve dramatic improvement in patient satisfaction, cost, access, safety, and quality while building a culture of continuous improvement and engaged employees. The JWA team has the experience and the approach to help your organization lead the way in meeting today’s healthcare challenges. See what others have to say about our work.

Our services support implementation of TPS principles from initiation to advanced Lean in healthcare. No matter where your organization is on the Lean journey, JWA’s deep experience provides insight into how to overcome the shortcomings of many Lean implementations, including failing to sustain improvements or transform organization-wide performance.

JWA engages executives, develops leaders and resources, and helps organizations reach the Lean Tipping Point when TPS principles and management systems become embedded. In short, we leave our clients with the ability to continue to improve long after our consultants have left.