Engaging Your Executives

A Lean journey will fall short of its potential for your organization if executives view Lean as simply an improvement method. When they see Lean as the way of doing business and, make personal commitment to become students of Lean, they can lead the effort with confidence and a clear vision.

JWA Consulting engages executives throughout the Lean journey.


At Level 1 of the Lean journey, when you’re building the foundation, JWA provides the following sequence of activities:

At Level 2 of the Lean journey, when you’re building stability into administrative and clinical processes, JWA provides the following:

  • Engaging leaders as sponsors and Management Guidance Team members for problem-solving, rapid process improvement workshops, and value stream transformations
  • Establishing an executive-level team to design and lead the implementation of your Lean management system
  • Coaching on the practices of daily management and strategy deployment

At Levels 3 through 5 of the Lean journey, when you’re moving to more advanced implementation of Lean methods and management, JWA provides the experience to accomplish these transformational changes:

Throughout the journey, JWA guides your executive team toward achieving your organization’s Lean Tipping Point, when your efforts will become embedded into the culture.