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Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey — 2nd Edition Now Available!

While it is commonly believed that improved quality, access, and safety, and an improved bottom line are mutually exclusive, Seattle Children’s demonstrates that it quite possible to realize all these improvements concurrently. Written by remarkable change agents from the front lines at Seattle Children’s and other forward-thinking organizations, this book discusses ways to transform key personnel into change agents and engage all staff in a patient-focused culture dedicated to eliminating waste and improving all aspects of quality and care.

New for Second Edition: Two additional chapters covering clinical standard work and the integration of Lean and safety, plus more about the later phases of the Lean journey and how the persistence of Lean leaders were able to help the organizations sustain the gains earned from their improvement efforts.

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Advanced Lean in Healthcare

Advanced Lean in Healthcare goes beyond the current Lean healthcare literature by describing the management, mindset, and methods necessary to achieve a takt time-based system in a healthcare environment. The book stems from the concern that current healthcare approaches using Lean methods and management systems are not rigorous enough to achieve significant, sustainable change.

The authors outline a five-level roadmap for building an advanced Lean system that can deliver dramatic, lasting improvement in today’s healthcare environment. Advanced Lean in Healthcare offers real-world examples—from the perspective of the C-suite to the front lines—as it demonstrates the principles of the next evolution of Lean in healthcare. The result is an instructional how-to manual that, when applied, translates into more time spent with patients, improved staff and patient experiences and quality, and significant cost savings for organizations and patients alike.