Building your Lean Management System

The management system is an essential element of the Lean journey, and no organization can succeed without strengthening how it deploys strategy and manages daily work. JWA helps you accomplish both by enhancing your management system along with your methods and mindset.


  • Strategy deployment. Achieve a high rate of improvement by focusing your organization on a few critical breakthrough objectives.
  • Cross-functional and value stream management. Organize and manage across functional silos for the benefit of the patient.
  • Daily management. Support the work of the front line staff for more consistent performance and continuous improvement.
  • Leader standard work. Bring focus and predictability to the work of management.

Once your strategy and breakthrough objectives are set, JWA helps you implement a robust deployment process.

Strategy Deployment


  • Identify the division and service-line metrics linked to a breakthrough objective, including those that should be monitored or maintained through daily management.
  • Create an A3 diagram for each strategy to identify the causes of the gaps and plan tasks.
  • Use the “catchball” process to ensure that resources are assigned to achieve the targets you’ve set.
  • Establish visual management and routine reviews to surface gaps between the planned and actual tasks and the results.
  • Reflect on progress and adjust the plan.


Daily management is the ingredient that engages everyone. It’s key to sustaining the results of improvement activities and building a culture of continuous improvement. JWA helps you develop your daily management system and coaches your managers, directors, and executives in the practice of daily Lean management.