Lean Mindset & Lean Tipping Point

While the Lean Operating System and Lean Management System are essential to your Lean journey, perhaps the most important element is the Lean Mindset. With the right mindset, your leaders and employees will have a clear picture of the ideal state and work toward that ideal. As you inculcate the ideal, your organization will:

  • Have a clear focus on the patient as the customer.
  • Strive for 1 x 1 or one-piece flow.
  • See standardized work – work with highly specific content, sequence, timing, and outcomes–as necessary to ensure quality and patient safety.
  • Recognize that high supply inventories can be less efficient and more likely to cause stock-outs and outdated supplies.
  • Design work to surface problems as they occur.
  • Practice rapid problem-solving cycles.
  • Continuously improve.
tipping point

The Tipping Point


Through training, study missions, application of advanced Lean methods, and coaching, JWA helps your organization understand the Lean Mindset, develop your Lean vision, and reinforce those ideals.

A Lean journey is never complete, but it achieves an important milestone at the Lean Tipping Point. The Lean Tipping Point is when Lean becomes so embedded in your organization’s culture that Lean thinking endures even after a change in executive leadership. To ensure you reach this Lean Tipping Point, JWA helps you develop and implement plans to:

  • Create a common language and management system for your organization, as well as common principles and methods.
  • Achieve breakthrough results in must-do, can’t-fail metrics.
  • Develop Lean thinkers.
  • Develop advanced Lean practitioners, internal sensei who have gained a deep understanding of Lean through daily practice.
  • Achieve basic stability through daily management in at least 70% of all units.