Lean Journey Planning

Lean journey planning, an executive-level activity also called master planning, establishes the philosophy, strategy, and implementation plan for your Lean journey. One element of executive engagement in your organization’s implementation, it includes:

  • Lean leader training
  • A study mission
  • Lean journey planning
  • Routine Lean steering committee check/act meetings

Lean journey planning begins with an evaluation of your current situation using a Lean maturity matrix, and it continues with an understanding of the Lean Tipping Point. Key elements of pace and resourcing are discussed, and plans are developed for the following elements:

Methods Management System Mindset
Common Terminology & Methods True North Purpose
Prioritization Funnel Strategy Deployment System Branding
Point Improvement Plan: A3, Focused RPIs, RPIs Daily Management System Philosophy / Principles
Model Line & Value Stream Plan Visibility Wall Patient & Family Focus
Clinical Standard Work Leader Standard Work & Coaching People Policy
Infrastructure Leadership Development
Financial System Education Strategy & Plan
HR Systems Communication Strategy & Plan
MD Engagement
Board Engagement