About Study Trips

Study trips are transformative. They provide a unique opportunity for key individuals in your organization to see Lean operations and management systems from organizations well along the journey. Past attendees have found this “go and see” activity critical for developing a solid understanding of the philosophy, practices, and visual nature of a Lean management system, and for initiating these systems in their organizations.


Each study trip includes the following elements, each customized to your learning goals:

  • Learning teams investigate topics such as leader standard work, visual management, the infrastructure for improving operations, andon response and, takt time management.
  • Observations linked to reading assignments so that participants see theory in action.
  • Site visits to these organizations to observe and dive deeply into the ways that leading organizations deploy strategy, perform daily management, engage everyone, and sustain gains from improvement.
  • Synthesis of observations, key learning, and implications for your organization.

Study Trip General Information