Training and Certification

JWA’s courses and training augment our consulting and help you advance on your Lean journey. The design of each course benefits from JWA’s extensive experience applying Lean in healthcare.

JWA also certifies your team members in the ability to conduct 5S workshops and Rapid Process Improvement Workshops and as Advanced Lean Practitioners. The certification process begins with a course and then continues with multiple cycles of learn/do/teach. Throughout the process, JWA’s expert provides structured feedback on the learner’s technical mastery and ability to engage leaders and staff and facilitate change.

Offered Courses:

Lean Leader Training (LLT) – 4.5 day training

LLT is for senior leaders who will be applying Lean Principles, practicing Lean Management, and setting the direction for and steering the Lean Journey.

This education prepares senior leaders to: a) begin to apply Lean methods and management systems, b) adopt a Lean mindset, c) develop their organization’s Lean master plan, and d) lead the Lean journey. It includes instruction, simulations, and practice.

Participants will conduct a process walk and create a future state target condition for an actual process from their organization. They will also perform “teach backs.”

Lean System for Practitioners (LSP) – 2 day training

LSP is for Directors, managers, nurses, staff, and providers who will be applying Lean Principles, Methods, and Lean Management.

This education prepares individuals to: a) begin to apply Lean methods and management systems, b) adopt a Lean mindset, and c) begin to lead the Lean journey in their departments or units.

It includes instruction, simulations, and practice. Participants will conduct a process walk and create a future state target condition for an actual process from their organization.

Lean System Introduction (LSI) – 1 day training

LSI is for anyone who be needs to be aware of Lean Principles, Methods, and Management Systems; and who may participate in performance improvement activities.

This course provides awareness of Lean principles, methods, and management systems; and enables participates to work more effectively on improvement teams and in a Lean environment.

This course includes instruction and simulations.

Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPI) – 5 day training

RPI is a 5 day workshop focused in a targeted area. During the week, representatives from the area are asked to assess the current process, envision the process without waste, and conduct projects to implement the vision during the week.

The goal of an RPI is to achieve 50% improvement during the week of the event. RPI participants are trained in all aspects of the Lean Healthcare System and immediately begin applying what they have learned to their own work area.

During an RPI, Participants are taught key elements of the lean healthcare system including: Waste, Standard Work, Quality and Mistake Proofing, Rapid Changeover, Continuous Flow, Pull Systems, Work Balance, Managing Change.

Rapid Process Improvement Workshop Leader Training (WLT) – 5 day training

WLT is how JWA assures the quality of our client’s internal lean staff through a rigorous multi-step certification process that is taught as we do the improvement work.

An important aspect of the RPI process is to teach the client’s staff to become capable of running RPI’s without the need of JWA assistance.

5S Coach’s Training (5S) – 2 day training

5S familiarizes coaches with the 5S system as it applies to healthcare organizations. Coaches will learn how to educate, guide and motivate a team through the process of a 5S workshop.

The workshop give the coaches the methods and tools to implement a 5S event within their organization and measure and sustain the improvements.

Problem Solving 101: Situation/Target/Proposal (STP) – 1 day training

PS 101 is for everyone in your organization who may be engaged in simple problem solving. An important characteristic of a Lean culture is that everyone is a problem solver. When this occurs, your organization can achieve a higher rate of improvement than your competition.

STP is a simple, quick problem-solving process that applies to many daily problems, and may also serve as a structured suggestion system in which staff identify problems and develop solutions.

Problem Solving 201: A3 for Practitioners (PS 201) – 2 day training

PS 201 is for managers and staff who will address more complex or chronic problems. This course begins with a focus on problem-solving thinking including how to define and “break down” a problem and to logically set the target condition.

Its primary teaching method is case studies. Multiple case studies provide the practice required to see patterns in problems, learn options for attacking problems, develop problem-solving logic, and learn common mistakes.

Problem Solving 301 (PS 301): A3 for Managers

PS 301 is for directors and managers who will review A3s and coach their staff in problem solving.

This course teaches the essence of the 2-day A3 class and the 1-day coaching class. It covers fewer case studies, and omits training on the basic quality tools such as run charts.

Problem Solving 601 (PS 601): A3 for Coaches

PS 601 is for internal consultants, and managers wishing to “deep dive” into A3 coaching. This course begins with instruction on coaching skills and how to review A3 reports. However, the majority of the day is devoted to practice. It includes multiple case studies where you will coach others in the class, and concludes with coaching your classmates on the problems they are addressing.

This 1-day course continues where PS201 ends. We recommend taking this once you have done several A3s.